Spring is Sprung

Hibernation is almost over for our two-wheeled steeds, but before you move your steel horse, now is the perfect time to examine the floor under your baby.
If you use the same color fluid for the trans and primary it will be difficult to determine which is leaking. I recommend Redline shockproof trans fluid that has a pepto-bismol coloring. Fluids other than traditional brown color can give you a quick visual as to what component is marking it’s turf.
This was in for winter storage along with a 6-speed and carbon belt upgrade. Waking it from it’s winter slumber presented two distinct spots of different colors on the cardboard in which she lay.
We can see there is a safety locking ring containing the final drive pulley nut. The lock ring is held in place by two 1/4-20 cap screws. Both were loose and one worked itself out enough to “mill” out the inner primary cover. There is also a race that is pressed on the trans output shaft that the inner primary bearing supports. This race will move over time from extreme loads and heat. There is a seal pressed in the final drive gear of the trans to prevent fluid from escaping. Look close to see the race walked into that seal destroying it in the process, thus the leaky trans.
The inner primary has been damaged but not enough for replacement. I was able to remove the lock ring bolts and the pulley nut without tools. Pulley is junk, the looseness hammered the splines and destroyed the spacer under said pulley.
Plenty failures within the primary components but I feel they are not directly related to the issue at hand.
Hefty parts bill on this one, fortunately caught this early. I guarantee this would have only made a few more miles down the road before eating itself and possibly the owner.
If you see any puddles, let Stiff check it out.

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